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Hindustani Classical Singer in Kolkata, Inda- Ashru Kana Pal

Ashrukana pal is an accomplished vocalist, belongs from the traditional Kirana Gharana. Born on June 28, 1956, at Chandannagar, West Bengal to a family, who believes in the true culture of India and appreciates music as an art of highest grade. From her childhood, she was fond of music, as music runs as usual in her veins. Ashrukana received training in the tradition of Kirana Gharana from the eminent Singer Late Nalinikanta Chakraborty, a highly respected musician. Later she took further training from several luminaries including late Pandit kamal Bandyopadhyay, Tanima Thakur. Afterwards, she learnt from late Pandit Srikant Bakhre, Shyamal Chattopadhyay (HOD MUSIC BURDWAN UNIVERSITY) & Late Srikanta Kole. She had achieved (Vocal) degree in music. She has performed in Calcutta, Bhagalpur and other major cities in India. She has also glimpses of her glorious performances in Sreerampore Sangeet Samaj. Her list of invited performances includes Sangeet Research Academy in Calcutta, Bhasa Parisad in Kolkata.She has the possession of a golden voice, ranging more than three octaves, with the ultimate proficiency of coloratura and gorgeous tonality.Capturing immense knowledge, musical aesthetics,& perfection over the Classical and Semi-Classical Vocal genre are the salient features of Ashru’s music. Her performance circumscribes the styles and mostly the priceless compositions established by Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Ustad Ameer Khan and other maestros of the Gharana.

Ashrukana, the proud wife of the excellent musician Madhusudan Pal, is a rare vocalist of her generation, has received voluminous training of two illustrious Gharanas(schools) of Khayal singing from Pt.Kamal Bandyopadhyay of Indore Gharana.Musicians like Parveen Sultana , Dilshad Khan, Ruma Guhathakurta, Manjusree Roychowdhury, Durga Sen, Suprabha Sarkar, Mira Banerjee; she came in close with them and contained herself up with their blessings and priceless musical advice.

The combination of artistry and a unique quality of her mind has made her a natural ‘GURU MAA’. Not only she teaches several students but also nurtures their inner talent, gives lessons of discipline and subsequently, cares for their musical future. She is a sensible person and takes extreme care of her pupil alike a mother.


At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm. Ashru believes in ‘Naad Brahma’,a way to achieve the inner peace and reach to god, the most appealing way of reaching to ‘Parmatma’.

Ashrukana’s music or singing is like a sparkle of a mountain stream.Her ringing voice has natural style and she captures her versatility in singing in both Classical (Hindustani) and Semi Classical styles.Her outstanding uses of ‘Raagdari’ in Vistar of intricate and emotional movements of notes with perfection.Her stunning ,rhythmic variations in Bat and Boltan, fast and wide variety of flawless movement, highlighting all the forms like Murchana, Alankar, Sapat, Halak, Gamak, Meerkhand in tan and sargam , shows her spontaneity and her intense knowledge.Truly , she blends her intelligence and emotions in her music.


Ashrukana is a professional singer and a proud mother. Besides her illustrious musical career Ashrukana is a good cook. She is the person of different shades. By encouraging other in music and singing , she herself has ripened her hands in cooking.

“To sit at home with all your talent, just because you are a woman is really wrong.” What is more inspiring and interesting is that she is still striving to balance her Cooking debut alongside her musical career. “I have two passions travel and cooking, but it is not like I’m sacrificing my musical career. I manage to take out time for Reyaz even while I‘m on the kitchen and keep singing, which is why people jokingly refer to me as a radio, singing 24×7,”  “For a Bengali household Gaana and Khaana go hand in hand,”I never would have been able to continue my passion for travel, cooking or singing ,if sreeman is not there. He is my son, holding my hand through the ups and downs of life.


Ashrukana’s music is about of dedication, hard work & patience. She was an All India Radio Artist.In 1988, she came to North 24 Parganas and had been at Ichapore. In Ichapore, she continued her teaching profession. People of music and other recognised her as a good teacher. She joined as a Vocal guru in Sakri begum Memorial Trust. For the last several years Smt. Pal has combined the role of a trainer, mentor and a performer of Hindustani Music in the Kolkata area with remarkable success. She taught at the Ustad Rashid khan’s institute. She continued the legacy of her guru and makes her Guru’s institution ‘Surajharna School of Music’ at Kolkata, India, as a temple to her pupils. The school has over hundred students ranging in age from six to sixty. Her mastery over the practical as well as theoretical aspects of the music makes her expositions on the nuances of Ragas and Alaapchari, a pleasure to learn and listen. Since last twenty years, she has been enthralling her audiences at numerous prestigious concerts through her mesmerising voice and magical performances. Over twenty-one years she has been regularly conducting Seminars, Intensive Workshops and Master classes at several places and prestigious organisations of Kolkata, India.

House No-114
Jatindranath Pal Lane
Sastitala Ichapore Nawabgunj
North 24 Parganas
Pin-743144, West Bengal, India

Phone: +91 9831173955
Email: surajharna@gmail.com
Web: http://www.ashrukanapal.com

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